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Unlock the magic of Valentine’s Day 2024 in Bali with Great Holiday Escapes.

Our expert travel agency specialises in crafting romantic getaways that are designed to create lasting memories of love and wonder.

With our curated package, you can explore Bali’s enchanting beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture while indulging in luxury accommodations.

Let us be your guide to experiencing the ultimate romantic escape in Bali, complete with breathtaking sunsets and intimate moments.

Trust Great Holiday Escapes Australia to make your Valentine’s Day in Bali an unforgettable journey of love and romance.

Connect with your family in beautiful BALI!​

  • Welcome Party with Pfore Online
  • Breakfast Daily 2 × 3 course dinners per person
  • Free upgrade to deluxe Room (subject to availability)
  • 60 min Balinese massage at Tari spa
  • 30-min reflexology at Tari Spa
  • Cocktail or Mocktail of the month
  • Special discounts to Waterbom and Balie Safari Park
  • Free access to the Gym & Bicycle
  • Farewell Party Live Entertainment by Fore Online


Gathered against the breathtaking backdrop of Bali’s serene landscapes, families from South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia reunite with hearts brimming with joy and anticipation. The allure of this tropical haven transcends borders, offering the perfect haven for loved ones separated by distance. As laughter mingles with the soothing rustle of palm trees, the power of togetherness reignites connections and creates lasting memories. Against Bali’s vibrant tapestry of culture and beauty, these families rediscover the unbreakable bonds that span continents, forging an unforgettable chapter in their shared story of love and kinship.


From Cape Town 6th – 15th March from R28,750 per person Twin Share

From Australia & NZ 7th – 14th March from $1599 per person Twin Share

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